From masterclasses to individual lessons, in person or online – get in touch for conductor training with Dane Lam 

Conducting is all about relationships. From the relationship between the conductor and orchestra, to the relationship between one tempo or one pitch to another, and – most importantly – the relationship between the musicians and the audience. I think the English word ‘conductor’ best sums up this relationship. It perfectly conveys the sense of literally conducting energy between the composer, the performers and the listeners, to unlock the musical possibilities. 

At its most rudimentary, conducting is communicating musical information, largely through gestures. Some of these gestures are codified, like a kind of musical-physical grammar (four beats in a bar etc.) Other movements are instinctive and particular to each individual. I am to help conductors of all levels unlock their ability to communicate to musicians through gesture, to be able to run an effective and stimulating rehearsal, to prepare and study music and, to feel confident doing so. 

Good conductor training benefits cultural life across a community. At the foundation, conductors of amateur orchestras and school bands and choirs are heroes of our collective cultural life and are often thrust upon ensembles with meagre instruction in conducting. Talented conducting students need to be stimulated and challenged and be given the opportunity to find their own gestural language. Professional soloists and orchestral musicians benefit hugely from understanding conducting from the inside out. 

I am proud to lecture in conducting at my alma mater, The University of Queensland, and would welcome your application to study postgraduate conducting at the university. I am also interested in working with conductors of all levels, wherever they may be, to enhance their communicative possibilities.

Whatever your conductor training needs – from masterclasses to individual lessons, in person or online – please get in touch to book an appointment or discuss your options. 

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