Presenting Covid Classical, a series of YouTube playlists that explore the varying emotions we have all experienced through the pandemic. 

Covid Classical

More about Covid Classical

One of the great discoveries of this coronavirus lockdown was my overriding passion to share the music that I love with other people, far and wide. And so, Covid Classical, a series of YouTube playlists, was born. 

Each episode concerns a different emotion that we’ve experienced in isolation or a character trait that gets us through it (we’ve looked at Hope, Despair, Desire, Humour and Courage, amog others.) I compile a playlist of classical music on theme and, in what has been a stimulating and thought-provoking exercise, I interview a different performing arts luminary each episode. 

We’ve had tenor, Nicky Spence; director and artistic director, Yaron Lifschitz; opera singers Peter Coleman Wright AO and Cheryl Barker AO; and violinist, composer and pedagogue, William Harvey. In the works are episodes with  pianist, Barry Douglas, and conductor, Holly Mathieson. 

Each playlist has been a joy to compile and has been a journey of discovery, a reminder that music is always relevant to our emotions and helps us endure the challenging times. (Making each YouTube video has also been a great incentive to persevere and scratch the surface of the great art of video editing!) Special credit goes to my ten-year-old little sister, Ellary Lam, who suggested I needed custom YouTube thumbnails for the playlists and who designs them each and every episode!

Feel free to suggest topics for any future episodes – email